Dewitts Radiator Coolant


DeWitts High Performance Coolant is specifically formulated to be a premium, all-season coolant/antifreeze for high performance automotive engines. It contains a patented low silicate corrosion protection package that prevents rust and corrosion and is specifically engineered to protect materials used in modern performance engines.

DeWitts High Performance Coolant offers a more advanced additive package than standard “green” coolants and maintains better thermal conductivity and heat transfer than propylene glycol (PG) based coolants. The advanced additive package contains special anti-foam agents to reduce water pump cavitation and increase cooling capacity. DeWitts High Performance Coolant meets GM 1899M, Ford ESE-M97B-44-A, and Chrysler MS7170 specifications and is compatible with all nationally distributed coolants and liquid coolant additives.

Cooling system protection is maintained from -34°F to +265°F when used with a 15lb radiator. Coolant is premixed and ready to install.

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