C1 Neutral Safety to Starter Motor Relay Extension Harness 55-61

C1 Neutral Safety to Starter Motor Relay Extension Harness 55-61


New reproduction 1955-1961 Corvette neutral safety switch to starter motor relay wiring harness extension. Connects from neutral safety switch to starter motor relay. For use on Corvettes with automatic transmission.

Factory wiring harnesses originally supplied with your Corvette had a 10 year service life. How old is your Corvette’s wiring? 20, 30, maybe 40+ years. Original harnesses were made with copper strand housed in plastic. Over time the plastic deteriorates, becoming brittle and cracked, allowing moisture to get into the wire, which in turn causes the copper to begin corroding. Corroded wires lead to short circuits with the possibility of an electrical fire. Why gamble on the condition of an old harness to save a few bucks?

Dutch Corvette Supplies provides the Corvette owner with the most correct wiring harnesses available. All harnesses are hand assembled in the USA, guaranteed to fit. Harnesses feature correct wires that match factory color codes and gauge size, but are made with Cross Linked Polyethylene type GXL wire which is much more tolerant to heat than the original PVC type GPT wire. Connections are dip soldered (where applicable) to eliminate resistance loss and feature reproduction connectors and terminals. All harnesses are wrapped with correct non-adhesive or cloth woven tapes to assure a 100% factory appearance.

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