12 Volt Battery Butler


Battery storage float charger is designed for the maintenance of 12-volt wet or gel cell batteries that are stored or only used periodically.
Features include:

  • Keeps battery fully charged without over charging. The on-board microprocessor regulates the output voltage of the charger based on your battery’s demands.
  • Designed for long term vehicle storage. Hook up to your battery, plug it into any wall outlet, and forget it (days, weeks, months even years).
  • Provides a safe, regulated minimum current charge (1/2 amp) to your battery to maintain its peak capacity. Once your battery has fully charged, the charger’s output current to your battery will stop – then resume as soon as battery level drops.
  • Short-Circuit Protected. If, for a brief moment, you accidentally touch the 2 leads of this charger together, it will not damage the charger’s internal circuitry.
  • Includes simple to read status indicators.
  • Designed for use on wet-cell, gel-cell or OPTIMA batteries.
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